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desirousx: hey hun, just crazy ass curious to know where you got your sunnies from, the ones you wore to splendour they're gorg! xxx

I bought them at splendour I answered this just before :->

"   I wish I was at Splendour   "
Every Australian that’s not at Splendour. (via wxxkend)

I’m at splendour WOO

(via toxicfume)

Anonymous: Where did you get your glasses from your most recent insta pic :)


Anonymous: is the gold coast safe? i hear it's the crime capital of Australia. .

Yeah I hear that all the time, but I don’t know much about it but I mean it’s fun for holidays but I just wouldn’t live there

Anonymous: sometimes I think you're lucky for not living here in brazil but then I remember that you're rich so your life would be fine here too

I’m not rich. But yeah I wouldn’t live in Brazil if I was poor, my mum tells us all the time how hard it is and now with the World Cup situation it just isn’t good atm

Anonymous: Why dont you answer your questions about your insta nicely? You dont even answer them. You could help people because they like your photos but you are just mean

It just gets so fricking annoying getting asked like 5 times a day when I’ve already answered so many times. I have an answered questions page where you can find it but for the last time I USE VSCOCAM which everyone uses anyway it’s not rocket science. I don’t like answering how I edit my photos and where I get my clothes so don’t ask. FFS